Draft Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Response Plan

ZF Mgcawu District Municipality acknowledges that Climate Change poses a threat to the environment, its residents and future development. Actions are required to reduce carbon emissions (mitigation), and prepare for the changes that are projected to take place (adaptation) in the District.

ZF Mgcawu District Municipality has therefore prioritised the development of a Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment and Climate Change Response Plan

The plan was developed through the Local Government Climate Change Support Program, with support from the Department of Environmental Affairs and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale (GIZ).

Through this program key climate change vulnerability indicators were identified. These are indicators where ZF Mgcawu may be at risk to the impacts of Climate Change.

The District Municipality hereby requests the inputs and comments from members of the public

Click here to read Northern Cape CC Response Plan ZF Mgcawu

For more information on this plan please visit www.letsrespondtoolkit.org

A workshop in this regard has been scheduled for the 1st December 2016 and stakeholders are requested to contact Mr Frikkie Rupping on 054 337 2800 for more detail

Burgemeester wens Matrieks sterkte toe

Namens die Raad en personeel van die ZF Mgcawu Distriksmunisipaliteit wil ek die matriekklas van 2016 sukses en voorspoed toewens in die Nasionale Senior Sertifikaat-eksamen.
Matriekjaar open 'n deur na 'n hele wêreld van moontlikhede en geleenthede as gevolg van hierdie, is die matriekeksamen waarskynlik die belangrikste een wat die meeste van julle sal skryf.

Ons is bewus daarvan dat dit 'n spanningsvolle tyd vir baie van julle is. Baie van julle het onder moeilike omstandighede gestudeer en ons hoop dat julle net jul beste sal gee. Ons beste wense vergesel jou in die begin van 'n nuwe hoofstuk in jou lewe. Jy het die tyd, beplanning en moeite ingesit om voor te berei vir die eksamen, ons glo dat hierdie poging vrugte sal werp. Ons glo egter dat daar na twaalf jaar van onderrig en leer jy goed toegerus is om hierdie uitdaging te oorkom.

Die ZF Mgcawu Distriksmunisipaliteit is ten volle agter jou. Ons is oortuig dat alle maatreëls in plek gestel is deur die owerhede om te verseker dat die eksamens suksesvol sal wees.
Die sterkste motivering is jy (die leerling) jy moet gedryf word deur die begeerte en vasberadenheid om goed te doen in jou studies sodat jy kan toegerus wees om voordeel te trek uit die geleenthede wat ons grondwetlike demokrasie steeds aan jou beskikbaar stel.
Plaas jou geloof in God en maak die beste van hierdie eksamens.


National Hand Wash Campaign

Global Hand washing Day was celebrated on 15 October each year globally. Global Hand washing Day (GHD) is a campaign to motivate and mobilize millions around the world to wash their hands with soap at critical times.

The campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of hand washing with soap as a key approach to disease prevention and to raise awareness and mobilise communities, households, hospitals, schools, and workplaces to wash hands with soaps to curb life threatening diseases.



The campaign was initiated to reduce mortality rates related to diarrhoeal diseases by introducing simple behavioural changes, such as hand washing with soap, which according to research can reduce the rate of diarrhoeal infections by almost 50% and acute respiratory diseases by up to 25%. Handwashing with soap has been proven as the single most effective way to prevent diarrhoea and other hygiene related diseases as automatic behaviours performed in homes, schools, and communities.

Global Handwashing Day on the 15th of October therefore provided an opportunity to put the spotlight on the importance of awareness-raising campaigns tha demonstrate the link between health and good hygie  


Interdepartmental Collaboration

The Environmental Health unit of ZFM District Municipality participated with Health Promotion and Integrated School Health programmes within the Provincial Department of Health and (3) Child Care centres were visited during this campaign.

• Blommetjie (Rosedale area)

• Word of life Little Angels (Progress)

• Bhavumelani (Paballelo)

A total number of 109 toddlers and 8 Caregivers were reached during this campaign.



ZFM DM celebrated heritage day on 23 September 2016

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality celebrated heritage day on 23 September 2016. The programme was part of the institution’s quarterly teambuilding. There were four teams which represented a tribe or culture of their choice. The teams were selected by pulling out names by the group leaders identified by the programme’s organisers.


The theme was to dress in the traditional attire chosen by the group and also make traditional food of the culture or tribe represented. The four teams represented the AmaXhosa, Basotho, Kaap se klopse and Afrikaners.

The teams were competing against each other for a trophy provided by the District Municipality. Judges had a criterion for judging and were looking for team spirit amongst other important factors during the competition.

The teambuilding event was preceded by a rewards ceremony in the Council Chambers. Employees were rewarded for the hard work they have put in for the quarter.

The rewarding system which is facilitated by the Performance Management System evaluates employees on a quarterly basis and rewards them according to the score based on the criteria set by the system.


The rewarding of employees is to boost the morale of the municipality’s employees and encourage them to work together and encourage each other.

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