ZFM Management hosts Strategic Session

The Management of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality hosted a Strategic session which was intended to do an introspection and analysis of the current and future development of the organisation.

In his opening remarks, Mr Ntoba warned that if there is no discipline in an organisation this will lead to complacency.
He encouraged management that they are burdened  with  accountability should things not go according to plan.
This session is intended to break up the institution and build it back up again.


Some of the presentations made by directors include:

  • Risk Mitigation
  • DP, PMS Support & SPLUMA
  •  Project status report and key challenges to maintaining clean audits
  • Service Delivery
  •  Finance & Budgeting


The Municipal Manager concluded that to make the strategic goals a reality it will require the cooperation of all role-players

Amalgamation of //Khara Hais and Mier Municipalities

The Municipal Demarcation Board is an independent authority responsible for the determination of municipal boundaries.
The Board's status as an independent authority. In addition to the determinations and re-determinations of municipal boundaries,
the Board is also mandated by legislation to declare the district management areas;

to delimit wards for local elections; and to assess the capacity of municipalities to perform their functions.
It is as a result of this determination of municipal boundaries process that it was decided that Mier and //Khara Hais Municipalities will be amalgamated into one municipal area, with a new name.
The name change process is currently taking off after the Municipal Political Transitional Management Committee took a decision that a public participation process should ensue
to involve the communities in the naming of the new municipality.

“Much progress is being made to ensure smooth transition as municipalities merge ahead of this year’s municipal elections”, this was the evaluation of the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs MEC, Alvin Botes
following the engagement with leadership from municipalities that will be affected by the amalgamation as determined by the Municipal Demarcation Board.  While Mayor of ZF Mgcawu,
Cllr Abraham Vosloo emphasised the importance of this process and the participation of all communities more so, those of Mier and //Khara Hais
Members of the public are invited to submit their inputs/representations on the new name for the attention of the

Municipal Manager, ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Private Bag X6039, Upington 8800 by the 31st March 2016

Amalgamation of //Khara Hais and Mier Municipalities click to view programme

Executive Mayor tables draft Budget

The Executive Mayor tabled to Council the 2016/2019 Draft Budget as is required by both National Treasury Circulars and the Municipal Finance Management Act.

In his address the Executive Mayor, Cllr Vosloo indicated that a resilient and fast growing economy is at the heart of our radical economic transformation.
He further quoted Premier Lucas who stated in her state of the province address that there are certain principal objectives for radical economic transformation and these include:

i.    Accelerate economic growth
ii.    Achieve higher levels of employment
iii.    Reduce inequality
iv.    Ensure meaningful black participation in the economy

The Mayor also urged the youth to register to vote in the upcoming Local Government Elections

Council approved the following documents
    Draft Budget 2016/2019
    Annual Report 2014/215
    IDP 2016/2017

Documents approved by Council

Draft Budget 2016/17
Draft IDP 2016/17
Annual Report and Oversight Report 214/15

Oversight Report 2014-2015 Click to view

Draft Budget 2016-2019

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 21 of Act 32/2000 read with section 25 of the same act, Sec 16(1) and 16(2) of Act 56/2003 and section 129 of the same act that the Council of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality during a Council meeting held on the 29th March 2016 approved the following documents

a)    Draft Budget 2016/17
b)    Integrated Development Planning 2016/17
c)    Annual Report and Oversight Report 2014/15

The said documents are available for viewing at the Head Office

E. Ntoba
Municipal Manager
ZF Mgcawu District Municipality
Private Bag X6039

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