ZFM DM celebrated heritage day on 23 September 2016

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality celebrated heritage day on 23 September 2016. The programme was part of the institution’s quarterly teambuilding. There were four teams which represented a tribe or culture of their choice. The teams were selected by pulling out names by the group leaders identified by the programme’s organisers.


The theme was to dress in the traditional attire chosen by the group and also make traditional food of the culture or tribe represented. The four teams represented the AmaXhosa, Basotho, Kaap se klopse and Afrikaners.

The teams were competing against each other for a trophy provided by the District Municipality. Judges had a criterion for judging and were looking for team spirit amongst other important factors during the competition.

The teambuilding event was preceded by a rewards ceremony in the Council Chambers. Employees were rewarded for the hard work they have put in for the quarter.

The rewarding system which is facilitated by the Performance Management System evaluates employees on a quarterly basis and rewards them according to the score based on the criteria set by the system.


The rewarding of employees is to boost the morale of the municipality’s employees and encourage them to work together and encourage each other.


World Ozone Day celebrated in Upington

The Department of Environmental Affairs (DEA) in collaboration with the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Dawid Kruiper Municipality, GCIS and stakeholders held World Ozone Day in Paballelo, Upington.

The event that took place on 21 September 2016 was attended by the MEC of the Department of Environment and Nature Conservation, Tiny Chotelo, the councillors of both the ZF Mgcawu District and Dawid Kruiper Municipalities and regional departments. Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs, Barbara Thomson could not be at the celebrations due to other commitments, but had given the green light for MEC Tiny Chotelo to host the event in Upington.

According to the Department of Environmental Affairs, International Ozone Day has been marked annually by the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) since the proclamation of the day by the United Nations General Assembly on 19 December 1994 to commemorate the date in 1987 when the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer was signed.

This year the day was celebrated under the theme “Ozone and climate: Restored by a world united” which was also supported by the “Working towards reducing global-warming HFCs under the Montreal Protocol” slogan.

The day aimed at raising awareness on the importance of the ozone layer and how to prevent it from further depletion by harmful pollution to the environment. The Department of Environmental Affairs, as part of the programme had a school competition where schools had to come up with stage plays regarding the importance of the ozone layer and the effect direct sunlight has on human beings.

The schools that participated in the competition of raising awareness won cash prizes. All the other schools received certificates from the department for attending.

Documents approved by Council

Draft Budget 2016/17
Draft IDP 2016/17
Annual Report and Oversight Report 214/15

Oversight Report 2014-2015 Click to view

Draft Budget 2016-2019

Notice is hereby given in terms of section 21 of Act 32/2000 read with section 25 of the same act, Sec 16(1) and 16(2) of Act 56/2003 and section 129 of the same act that the Council of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality during a Council meeting held on the 29th March 2016 approved the following documents

a)    Draft Budget 2016/17
b)    Integrated Development Planning 2016/17
c)    Annual Report and Oversight Report 2014/15

The said documents are available for viewing at the Head Office

E. Ntoba
Municipal Manager
ZF Mgcawu District Municipality
Private Bag X6039

Council endorses Draft Annual Report 2016

During a Council meeting on 29th January 2016, the Council of ZF Mgcawu District Municipality endorsed the Draft Annual Report 2014/2015. Coupled with, this Council also adopted the Mid Term Report.

The Draft Annual Report is available on our website as well as our offices at c/o Dr Nelson Mandela Driveway & Upington 26 Driveway. The next step in the process is that members of the public and all stakeholders have until Friday, 19th February 2016 to submit their written representations on the annual report in terms of section 127 (5)(a) of the Municipal Finance Management Act. All stakeholders are encouraged to fully participate in this process.

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