2. Mayor Vision

Executive Mayor Shares Vision

At a recent meeting, the newly elected Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Councillor Roy Olyn outlined his vision for the District to the personnel. The Speake of the District, Councillor Moses Moalosi as well as the Municipal Manager, Mr Gilbert Lategan accompanied the Executive Mayor. The meeting focused on highlighting the good work done by the staff, especially given the award received by the District Municipality from the Office of the Auditor General for having achieved a Clean Audit for the 2017/2018 financial year.

This clean audit is not only the sixth consecutive one received by the District but also the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality is the only Municipality to have obtained such a milestone in the Northern Cape. “We have indeed established a solid foundation and this is due to our predecessors who have challenged us to set even higher standards and if we are to tackle these challenges, we need to reflect on this foundation,” the Executive Mayor emphasized.

Councillor Olyn agreed that respect for the Law, monitoring and oversight by the political leadership plays a major role in the good management of the organization and Council’s role in achieving its goals. “If these basic principles of accountability, build around a central theme of strong internal control and good governance are in place, the Municipality will at all times be able to reach higher heights,” he said. The vision of the Executive Mayor is in line with the direction the Province is moving towards of establishing a “modern, growing and successful” District. At the end of the meeting both the Mayor and the Speaker made a commitment to the staff that all role-players will work together to maintain the District’s vision and mission of being a centre of excellence.



ZFM doing its bit for Madiba

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality embarked on a number of activities where the Executive Mayor and the officials handed over blankets, food parcels, fruits & vegetables, party packs, spent time with children at Jogebed Care Centre, Little Angels Crèche and a cleaning project. The Executive Mayor of the District Municipality, Councillor Roy Olyn aims to reach out to many households, not only on Mandela Day, but also throughout the year.

 The staff of ZFM donated money, clothing and other accessories and delivered them to various points, including Jogebed Care Centre and Little Angels Crèche. The staff under the leadership of their respective Directors were determined to do their bit in helping the needy.

1. Mandela Day

The District, in conjunction with Dawid Kruiper Municipality and Government Departments participated in a number of activities on day two of the Nelson Mandela Day Celebrations to highlight the significance and importance of this month. The Mier area was visited and both the Executive Mayor of ZF Mgcawu District, Roy Olyn and Executive Mayor of Dawid Kruiper, Michael Segede, made resolutions and commitments of a revisit to the area.

On the day, school shoes and sanitary towels were donated to Philandersbron & Loubos Primary Schools. A house was painted and a bed donated at a house in Groot Mier. The Executive Mayors, Cllr Olyn and Cllr Segede made a resolution that they would revisit the house due to the circumstances at the homestead.

In his speech, Cllr Olyn said that Mandela Day is a global call for action that celebrates the idea that every individual has the power to transform the world.

2. Mandela Day


ZFM Elects New Executive Mayor

During a Council meeting held on the 30th May 2019, the ZF Mgcawu District Municipal Council elected its new Executive Mayor.

Following the resignation of the former Executive Mayor Cllr Abraham Vosloo, a vacancy occurred in this regard.


In terms of Section 55 (2) of the Local Government: Municipal Structures Act, a vacancy in the office of the executive mayor must be filled when necessary and as such Council was obligated to elect an Executive Mayor as a matter of urgency.A formal nomination process took place and the incumbent, Councillor Jan Johannes Jacobus Olyn was elected Executive Mayor unopposed.

As his first order of business, Cllr Olyn tabled the Annual Budget to Council in terms of the Municipal Finance Management Act. The Executive Mayor highlighted some concerns in terms of funded budgets for municipalities, “I am concerned about the trend of shrinking government income and as you know our disadvantage as the Northern Cape is that we are the biggest Province with the least population and this hugely affects the allocations we receive both on Provincial and Local Government level,” he said

Councillor Olyn brings with him a wealth of experience in Local Government having served previously as the Mayor of Kai Garib and has acted in various capacities including being the Speaker and Executive Mayor of the District Municipality. The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality wishes to congratulate the newly elected Executive Mayor Cllr JJJ Olyn and trusts he will lead the District to higher heights.

The Former Executive Mayor, the Honourable MEC for Roads and Public Works, MEC Vosloo graced the District with his presence to officially hand over the reigns to the new incumbent.




Draft Budget/Draft IDP/Oversight Report

Oversight Advert

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