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Executive Mayor Youth Day message


Cllr Gift Van Staden

Thirty-eight years ago, on 16 June 1976, South Africa faced yet another sad killing of young people. Across the country a number of townships were affected after the Soweto Uprising where young people stood up against the Apartheid Bantu Education system, they sacrificed their lives and stood for what they believed in.

This month South Africans commemorate youth month in honour of the students who sacrificed their lives on 16 June 1976. South Africa needs the youth to play an active role in contributing towards the future development of the country. We need our young people to be vigilant in fighting for their rights and utilising all the opportunities offered to them by government.

Young people must join government to work towards their economic emancipation. We urge the youth to take advantage of the opportunities available to become part of the economically active in the country. As government, we are assisting young people to rise above their socio-economic challenges with youth development programmes.

The theme for of government for the next five years is “Together we move South Africa forward” this is taken from the electoral mandate of the new administration.

We must all take hands and work together to take South Africa to higher hands and we depend on young people as the back bone of the country to deliver on that mission.

The National Development Plan outlines the country’s vision and plans for the next 20 years. It is a plan to address the challenges facing South Africa. Working towards vision 2030, the NDP aims to eliminate poverty and reduce inequality in South Africa and the NDP highlights that South Africa’s youth bear the brunt of these challenges.

As the Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, I urge all young people to take advance of the opportunities presented by the post-Apartheid government.

I encourage you to promote peace in the society and continue showing appreciation towards the democracy that we are celebrating. This year we are celebrating 20years of democracy and in this time government has done much to improve the quality of life of our people and we acknowledge that more needs to be done.

Let us celebrate and commemorate the meaning of youth month and let us move South Africa Forward.

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District hosts Municipal Manager’s Workshop

The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality recently held a workshop that involved all Municipal Managers and Chief Financial Officers in the District.

In terms of Chapter 5 of the Municipal Structured Act (Act 117 of 1998) it is the responsibility of the District Municipality to build the capacity of local municipalities and to ensure that municipalities fulfil their mandate of providing basic services to communities.

This engagement has been long overdue and it was imperative that Managers discussed exactly how the District will build their capacity and the implications involved in providing such assistance.

District hosts Municipal Manager's Workshop

Mr Elias Ntoba, District Municipal Manager agreed that the assistance and support should be more coordinated and the District should take the lead in this regard. Mr Ntoba was of the view that each municipality should strive towards a clean audit, but for this to happen much work lies ahead. The ZF Mgcawu District Municipality received a clean audit for the 2012/2013 financial year.

Local Municipalities also indicated their availability to assist each other where such assistance is required.

During the IDP public participation process the District did a needs analysis of the kind of assistance and support that B municipalities need. These needs will be captured in the District IDP and will be given further attention.

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Rural Development hands over iPads

The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform handed over iPads to schools in Kakamas. Through its Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP), aims to support the poorest rural communities in their development. This includes ensuring the provision of access to basic, social and economic services.

In 2009 the Department embarked on bringing information and communication technologies (ICTs) to rural communities, in the form of ICT centres that provide access to government services and communication.

Rural Development hands over iPads

Ms Esmerelda Reid, Project Manager of the ICT Program indicated that they have learned many lessons through this program, central to these is the fact that devices could be shared amongst students and classes and across grades. The sharing of ideas and concepts encourages learning and growth among students. Ms Reid told the scholars that they need to fully utilize the "iPad" as the "creation of this project was to see how the use of appropriate technology in the learning process can be simplified"

The Speaker of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, Cllr ZS Mjila acted as keynote speaker. Speaker Mjila stressed that "Information Technology has become an integral and accepted part of everyday life for many people. ICT literacy is a functional requirement for people's work, social and personal lives"

Since 1994 the government has consistently worked to improve the lives of all South Africans and the promotion of socio-economic rights and education is one of those rights. The Constitution provides for the right to education for all which the state, through reasonable measures, must make progressively available and accessible.

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District hosts Political IGR

The Executive Mayor of the ZF Mgcawu District Municipality, hosted the quarterly Political IGR on the 7th March 2014

In accordance with section 24 of the Intergovernmental Relations Framework Act 13, 2005; it states that there is a need for all three spheres of government to facilitate and promote intergovernmental relations between itself. This is a consultative forum for the District Municipality and the local municipalities, sector departments and NGO's in the District and must discuss and consult each other on matters of mutual interest.

The Executive Mayor, Cllr Gift van Staden said in his opening remarks that this is a critical meeting and should be taken in the spirit of cooperative governance poised towards discussing issues around service delivery and challenges that might be experienced in the delivery of those services.

The meeting is composed of Mayors, Municipal Managers, District Heads of Departments, Media and NGO's.

Municipalities report at this forum on the spending pattern around infrastructure grants and legislative compliance matters whilst government departments report on what is happening in their departments.

The Mayors indicated their appreciation for the forum, as it is a platform for sharing best practices and a space for learning is created.

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